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Nice to meet you

Welcome to

With all our hearts, we’re about Jesus.

Jesus is at the head and Jesus is at the center

of East Shore Church.

We give ourselves to Jesus and worship him in spirit and truth, therefore loving others as He loves us.

We are driven to help everyone to know God. 

Won’t you join us in placing God as your first love?

Come, you are welcomed!

Pastor Glenn Ogaswara
Glenn Ogasawara

Lead Pastor

Pastor Nick Shiroma
Nick Shiroma


Pastor Mike Wong
Michael Wong

Worship Leader

Pastor Stephan Ogasawara
Stephan Ogasawara

Youth Pastor


Glenn Ogasawara

Nick Shiroma

Lois Ifft

To love God with all our heart, soul and strength as a disciple of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us to obediently obey the teachings of Jesus found only in Scripture.

To always live by faith in God's best and not our own, fighting the good fight and winning the race towards our prize being one with our eternal Father in His kingdom to come.

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